Abe Hiro Toke

Abe grew up along the Central Coast where surfing, skateboarding and nature chiseled his lifestyle and is reflected throughout his artwork today. Abe was introduced to fundamental art classes in his early youth and as a teenager which helped set forth what would unknowingly become a lifetime of artistic endeavors.
He has worked as a sculptor, painter, and craftsmen with numerous art mediums including multi-media paintings, wood sculpture, custom built surfboards, graphic art, wild-crafting and the list continues to grow.

Nature’s elements are a revolving theme throughout his work and can be seen in one of his latest collaborative sculptures “The Portal to Big Sur” featured at the Ragged Point Inn, a large redwood burl pendant that visually transcends you to the next series of scenic points as you head north into Big Sur.
He currently is partners in an art gallery and custom apparel print shop called the ‘Cayucos Collective’. There you can find him working on various projects, anything from commissioned art pieces, to designing and printing someones company logo.

Like ocean conditions Abe lets his creativity drift with the currents and never knows exactly where his next project will take him. Going with the flow, Abe feels his art will be a life long adventure and like the surf it will also pulse and surge transforming his style and form.

Abe draws from his experiences in life to find inspiration for his art and is truly dedicated to refine his techniques in life the water and in the studio.