Janet Allenspach

As a naturalist and tree hugger, I enjoy painting animals and nature– especially ones I have seen and admire– like the octopus. Combining an image of this wondrous animal with the concept of surfing came from brainstorming with a friend, who came up with the idea of “Hanging Twenty”. With that idea in mind, I did some research online of octopi images, hanging ten surfing techniques, and began painting on my board (after preparing it).

I am an intuitive painter. That is, I get an idea, I set up my paints, and I start painting directly onto my “canvas” (or in this case, my surfboard). I don’t sketch it out first but the art evolves as the painting continues. Sometimes I have to change something along the way but usually it all works out fine. I like the free flow nature of this type of painting, and enjoy the thinking and creative process that occurs along the way of figuring out the colors, the scale, the design and all the rest.

I work in the non-profit world and have seen miracles happen when an individual sets his or her mind to something. I like to believe that if an octopus set their mind to surfing, and hanging twenty, they probably could! They are intelligent and problem-solving is one of their traits. Now wouldn’t that be something to see?

I hope you will enjoy this fantasy surf art just as much as I have creating it!