Jim apRoberts

Jim apRoberts lives and works as an artist in San Luis Obispo on California’s beautiful Central Coast. He is a life-long surfer and waterman and spends a great amount of time on the the waters of Morro Bay.

His work as a stained glass artist designer, craftsman, and painter can be found in residences, churches, and other public gathering places throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. His focus at the current time is on painting. His paintings are representational with a twist. He feels that the viewing experience is much more engaging when the work he creates is open ended and suggests an illusion of reality that allows the viewer to fill in the meaning and detail with imagination. His inspiration comes from many sources. Jim’s work is full of color and texture.

He believes that a painting has to have ideas brewing in it, just as a story needs a plot. He works with a variety of themes and oftentimes paints in series, “zigzagging” back and forth from series to another. As Jim likes to say he knows when a painting is complete, yet he rarely completes a series.