Katie Tool

Los Osos has been my home now for 21 years and has truly inspired me as an artist.  The beauty of the natural surroundings has creatively motivated me to paint.   My canvases are mainly  surfboards and windsurf boards as they have collected in the backyard after years of  windsurfing.  I have used the retired boards for treehouses and plant shelves, but I have always  wanted to make surfboard benches.  After selecting a board from “the wall” I find a theme that suits my mood.  I have painted wavy boards, zebra patterns, sunshiny backgrounds, flowers, fish, and recently ocean scenes and tree fairies.

The more I paint, the more I love it.  My beach friends now know where they can donate a board instead of throwing it away.  It such a pleasure to create a piece of art from a board that has been out in the ocean, and find a new home for it on a patio, a porch or a backyard.

I also paint beachy sunsets and schools of fish in wavy kelp using rocks and shells to create three dimensional backdrops.  It is really a lot of fun.